Thymes strives to design fragrances that balance familiarity and intrigue, rooted in botanical perfumery—nature, refined with a sophisticated air. The artisans at Thymes are dreamers and doers, dedicated and driven to create beautiful things for others to discover, appreciate and share. Drawn from nature, their unique formulations are artfully crafted to create products that are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective and a pleasure to use.

  Between what is visible and what is yet unseen. Where understanding gives way to mystery and black and white open up to many hues that color our lives. Where we all are inspired to think beyond what we know about ourselves, to consider what can be. Where we are inspired by possibility, to discover beauty in both everyday life and new experiences. And, when shared with a human touch, we discover a connection that need not always be spoken.

  This is where the inspiration of Thymes comes from—where time-honored wisdom is combined with new ideas. Where passionate artisans use essences of nature’s botanicals and a hint of the unknown to curate and create beautiful fragrance. It is where fragrance invites discovery. Where life invites possibility

  Here you will find a sampling of the Thymes lines we carry at this time.   Please call or email us for items we currently have in stock for each line.  All items are available through our special order program.

Discover an Oasis for Your Skin.

Quenching agave nectar. Refreshing ruby red grapefruit.

Tangy guava. Succulent lemon blossom.  Soothing aloe leaf.

A Seaside Curio.

Pure water lily.  Dewy white cyclamen.  Crisp driftwood.

Tart yuzu.  Brilliant lemon pulp.  Intriguing Hinoki wood.

Infuse the Day with Unlimited Possibility.

Invigorating eucalyptus oil. Crisp Italian lemon. Bright lime. Energizing petitgrain.

Sweet bergamot.  Lively lemongrass.  Heady rosewood. Lush fir.

A Tradition that Feels Right at Home.

Crisp Siberian Fir needles. Heartening cedarwood.

Relaxing sandalwood.

When Perfume is a Work of Art.

Smooth jasmine. Sheer roses. Heady hyacinth.

Creamy lily of the valley. Lavish oak moss.

Classically Inspired. Beautifully Modern.

A graceful bouquet of velvety gardenia, lush rose and fresh jasmine

layered with creamy amber, opulent patchouli and delectable praline.

A Fragrant Palette of Boundless Inspiration.

Velvety lavender. Warm rosewood.

Fresh clary sage. Flirty violet leaf.

Simply Wholesome. Naturally Nourishing.

Fresh Sardinian laurel leaf.  Sunny balsamic lavender flowers

Rich European patchouli.  Crisp balsam.

Spicy Warmth Steeped in Tradition.

Pressed apples. Spicy cinnamon. Fresh cardamom.

Warm bourbon. Aromatic anise.

A Patchwork of Vitality and Light.

Sparkling clementine.  Tangy lemongrass.  Dreamy neroli.  Golden Tupelo

honey.  Sweet lily of the valley.  Tonic Privet leaves. Balmy tonka bean.

Creamy Comfort Shrouded in Mystery.

Daring bourbon vanilla. Vivacious tonka bean. Crisp cedarwood. Mysterious

vetiver root. Spicy black peppercorn. Enthusiastic ginger. Green cardamom.

A Gentle Veil of Harmony.

.Sweet wisteria. Juicy grapefruit. Smoky oud.

Earthy oak moss. Gentle sandalwood. Calming lavender.

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