Rooted in the cornerstones of nature, art and balance, Thymes offers a range of artisanal creations that provide an invigorating experience for the senses.  Their inspiration comes from you.   Striving to bring you moments of renewal throughout your day is at the core of Thymes' philosophy.  By curating intoxicating fragrances, luxurious formulations and artfully crafted packaging, Thymes reconnects us with ourselves and each other.

  Thymes' unique formulations are specially developed to create products that are effective yet beautiful, a pleasure to use or share with others.  They opt for natural, high quality plant-based ingredients instead of chemical ingredients whenever possible.

  Here you will find a sampling of the Thymes lines we carry at this time.   Please call or email us for items we currently have in stock for each line.  All items are available through our special order program.

Life is most interesting

when lived somewhere between

what is certain and what makes us curious.

Reminiscent of an ocean's breeze; a cool, fresh fragrance that creates a

seaside curio for the senses and helps bring harmonic balance to the soul.

Pure water lily, Dewy white cyclamen. Crisp

driftwood. Brilliant lemon pulp. Intriguing bamboo.

A transformative moment to energize and awaken your senses; this

fresh, lively fragrance infuses your day with unlimited possibility.

Invigorating eucalyptus oil. Crisp Italian lemon. Lush fir.

Energizing petigrain. Sweet bergamot. Lively lemongrass.

Reminiscent of the crisp atmosphere of a northwoods forest. Thoughtfully

refined, to bring the true reflection of a freshly cut tree carrying nature across your

doorstep transforming your home into a comforting sanctuary of the outdoors.

Siberian Fir needles. Heartening cedarwood. Earthy sandalwood.

A lavish arrangement as memorable as it is luxurious; this heady, floral

fragrance creates an elaborate work of art envied by everyone around you.

Smooth jasmine. Sheer roses. Heady hyacinth.

Creamy lily of the valley. Lavish oak moss.

A modern yet timeless blend of blooms, this delicate dewy,

floral fragrance brings your unabashed femininity to life.

Velvety gardenia. Lush rose. Fresh jasmine. Creamy

amber. Opulent patchouli, Delectable praline.

A peaceful palette crafting the perfect canvas for the senses; a soothing, floral fragrance to take on your day with boundless calm and relaxation.

Velvety lavender. Warm rosewood. Fresh

Fresh clary sage. Earthy violet.

Fresh, clean and green, this one-of-a-kind herbal and citrus blend is like a

 breath of fresh air spreading a senses of inviting welcome throughout

Lively mandarin oil. Robust coriander. Vibrant grapefruit. Calming lemon balm.

Green rosemary leaf. Warm cedarwood. Orange essence.

A soft breeze brings springtime sweetness that fills the air. It's nature's expression marking the start of something new and beautiful, creating a fragrant canvas indoors.

Delicate hints of jasmine.  Nuances of hyacinth, lily

of the valley, orange blossom and raspberry

A perfect backdrop of golden sun, balmy winds and lush palm leaves, this sultry

tropical floral and lightly citrus fragrance beckons a moment of blissful freedom.

Sun kissed Neroli. Sweet Valencia orange blossoms.

Tepid salty sea air. Weathered teak wood.

A fresh yet unexpected combination of wood and floral, this

herbaceous fragrance helps promote contentment and peace.

Fresh Sardinian laurel leaf. Sunny lavender flowers.

Rich European patchouli. Crisp balsam.

The warmth and brilliance of dappled sunlit days, a bright,

citrus fragrance brings vitality and light to any season.

Sparkling clementine. Sunny Neroli. Golden Tupelo honey. Balmy

lily of the valley. Tonic Privet leaves. Enveloping tonka bean.

An enchanting blend of enveloping warmth and comfort, this creamy

floral gourmand fragrance creates an aura of charm and allure.

Rich Madagascar vanilla absolute. Cozy amberwood.

Exquisite coconut orchid. Aromatic bergamot.

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