Bridgewater was founded in 1985 by Emma Bridgewater.  The aim in her enterprise was the production of friendly colourful crockery for kitchen life.  Since then, the collection has expanded to offer a wide range of wares for many occasions—yet this spirit of warmth, welcome, and practicality is still the hallmark of Bridgewater Pottery.

All Bridgewater is produced in their factory in Stoke on Trent; this town has been the centre of Britain’s ceramic trade since the industrial revolution and Staffordshire pottery is well known around the world for its fine quality.  Skillful craft techniques are used to make a wide range of patterns; some rural and nostalgic, some with a strong contemporary feel.  In the manufacture of Bridgewater pottery, traditional values and skills are preserved and reinvigorated; a potter of the eighteenth century would be quite at home here.

Below is a sampling of the Emma Bridgewater lines we carry at this time.  Please note, not all shapes or styles are available in all patterns.  Please call or email us for shapes or styles available within each pattern and for items we currently have in stock.  All items are available through our special order program.

Black Toast

Children's Dinosaur

Children’s Men at Work


National Garden

Pink Hearts

Polka Dot

Polka Dot Miniature Tea Set

White Toast

Pattern Shapes & Styles [click image for larger view]


All of Emma Bridgewater’s pottery pieces are made and decorated by hand using traditional manufacturing techniques. All of the pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe and are even pretty likely to survive daily washing up in the hands of your children!  All of the textile products are made in England using 100% cotton drill. They are machine washable and happy in a tumble dryer.

Please ensure you protect your Bridgewater pottery. The unglazed area on the base of each piece can cause scratching so it is suggested that items are stored inter-leaved with paper. For best results, use a dishwashing liquid which is less abrasive than powders and avoid the very hot settings on your dishwashing machine.

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