We pride ourselves in supporting our very gifted and talented local artisans.  From functional to collectible, you are sure to find that perfect item for your home décor, a unique and special one-of-a-kind gift, and quite possibly a valuable collectible.  Below is a sampling from our Local Artisans.  Please call or email us for items we currently have in stock and for special orders.   All items are available through our special order program.

Local Wayzata area resident and retired educator, Bonnie Martinson, is now creating unique art pieces working in the mediums of porcelain, ceramic and oils. She is a certified master of doll making by the International Porcelain Doll Artisan Guild, blue ribbon winner at various art events and art exhibitor at art shows in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Making personalized pumpkins for Blanc de Blanc's customers is enjoyable because they become family heirlooms for years of enjoyment.  Bonnie works in her home studio here in Minnesota, as well as at her winter home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Susan has always had a big interest in food and cooking.  At a young age, Susan was the designated daughter that would fry the bacon and toast the English muffins for family Sunday brunches, make the shortbread pudding cake for birthdays and try new food “combinations” to spring on her parents and sisters.  Eventually the ”foodie” bug hit hard enough that Susan focused her professional energies on her love of catering and entertaining. After relocating to a beautiful farm, Voila! Putting on the Ritts was born. Please join Susan on her journey to create and share fantastic entertaining ideas, cooking classes, gardening tips and party recipes to make your next event unique and memorable. And the adventure begins...

One-of-a-kind pieces, enchanted with the subtleties of nature, it’s nuances ~ it’s changes ~ sensitive in particular to the uniqueness of each flower, every stamen, every pistil, each and every leaf. Please click here to view  more RiCreations.

Making Old Things New

Steller Handcrafted Goods loves the textures and colors of wool and the idea of taking something old and making it new. Upcycling is a central part of their business. They forage for unique sweaters at thrift stores, garage sales, antique shops, estate sales and more. After finding forgotten treasures, they give them a second life. Steller relishes the little embellishments—vintage buttons, hand stitching and the mismatched nature of one-of-a-kind creations. They make mittens that will warm your hands and your heart. 

Sugar Stone Designs specializes in creating unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry using gold and silver, paired with semi-precious stones and colorful glass.  Inspired by nature, Sugar Stone features birds branches, leaves and feathers with a whimsical feel while embracing style in jewelry.

With our busy lives, it’s more important than ever to find small, simple things, daily rituals, we can easily weave into the fabric of our days and nights.  By rejuvenating your body and spirit, you’ll feel more rested, optimistic, empowered, and energized. And, you’ll have more to give—to yourself and to the many important people in your life.  Relax and be well, life is good. Please click here to view more essences of the Thymes.

MEET TUG!  Tug is a lovable tooth character and a special friend of the Tooth Fairy.  Put your lost tooth in Tug's backpack. He will keep your tooth safe and exchange it with the Tooth Fairy for something special.  Tug comes with a beautifully illustrated storybook about one child's first loose tooth.  Share in the adventure to the Tooth Fairy's castle as your child learns all about the excitement of losing a tooth!  Adventure Starts With A Wiggle!

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