Home is where the heart is and the heart is in the kitchen!  Have you ever noticed how most get-togethers end up in the kitchen?  It is a place of comfort and gathering. Below is a sampling of the the Kitchen items we carry.  Please call or email us if you’re looking for a specific manufacturer and/or item not shown here, and we will be happy to assist you. All items are available through our special order program.

It all began with some pastry cutters and two dollars cash. Ben Abbott and his wife Doris found themselves at the 1949 Canadian National Exhibition, demonstrating kitchen gadgets to the crowd who were mesmerized by Ben's true enthusiasm for his product. The 3,000 cutters had cleared customs just the night before, and were all sold within one day! Abbott's philosophy is seamless service with high fulfillment.  Seeing what you see.

Badash Crystal began with hand-cut tumblers, then grew to include Russian crystal imports. In 1987, Jack's Badash's son, Mark, joined Badash Crystal. Together, Jack and Mark have developed the business which has flourished and now provides its customers with unique, high quality gift selections from all over the world.

The roots of the BEATRIZ BALL Collection began in 1991, when Beatriz began working hand-in-hand with skillful metal-ware artisans and designers in the outskirts of Mexico City, jointly creating updated, innovative designs in a special lustrous alloy of many metals.  Each piece made entirely by hand, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand castingEach piece reflects the shine of silver, but requires no polishing, goes from refrigerator, to oven, to table, and is perfectly suited for today’s casual lifestyles.

Established in 1952, BIA Cordon Bleu is a leading manufacturer and importer of porcelain and stoneware serving accessories, bakeware and dinnerware. With classic and contemporary shapes, as well as unique glazes, hand painted patterns and designs, BIA Cordon Bleu continues the tradition of providing timeless and quality wares.  BIA is the exclusive importer of the Philippe Deshoulieres California dinnerware ware line we carry.  Click here for additional information.

Boston International started in 1986 as an Import company and in 2001 became the exclusive distributor of Ideal Home Range®, IHR, the highest quality eco-friendly paper linen and tabletop accessory line imported from Germany. They continue to enjoy this long standing relationship today and that of their other prestigious international “partners” such as Worth-keeping from Denmark, Royal Posthumus from Belgium and Santoro Graphics from Great Britain.

The Authentic Line of French Butter Crockery.

A modern version of the centuries old French "beurrier." By adding its own improvements and design features, the L. Tremain company has popularized this natural method of preserving the creamy texture and delicate flavor that makes butter the most desirable and most-used spread in the world. Since its inception in 1996, the Butter Bell crock has become the most recognized brand name of butter crocks in the US.

Caliaso's dream is to bring the world products of timeless design, quality and durability. They seek to do this while taking care of the environment and giving back to the communities of the artisans who create them. These artisans, who reside and work in remote villages in the South Pacific, hand-make each of the products in this collection. The vines they use to construct them — called “vignes d’eau” or water-vines — only grow in remote mountain jungles and are very difficult to reach and challenging to harvest. However, once reaped, the vines grow back quickly, leaving no damage in their native forests. At a mere 3 millimeters in diameter — barely one-fourth as thick as typical rattan — the water-vine takes 1-7 days to hand-weave into a finished design but yields a substantially more durable, heat-resistant and elegant product.

Certified International has added dozens of new exciting collections for your enjoyment and selection. Their product development team continues to work with the best designers worldwide to bring you the latest innovative designs. Certified looks forward to supplying their customers with quality merchandise that represents exceptional value.

Bill and Susan Federighi have been creating unique products for over 25 years. They are proud to say that theur products are part of celebrations and family events each and every day. They started as a father and son working together in a California garage to make ideas come to life and we spend each day ensuring that we hold true to the same pride in all our products that was felt with the introduction of the original Cork Pop cork extractor.

Bridgewater Pottery was founded in 1985 by Emma Bridgewater.  The aim in her enterprise was the production of friendly colourful crockery for kitchen life.  Since then, the collection has expanded to offer a wide range of wares for many occasions—yet this spirit of warmth, welcome, and practicality is still the hallmark of Bridgewater Pottery.  Please click here to view more wares from Emma Bridgewater.

The world’s best multi-purpose scrubby! Makes clean-up fast and easy plus it's safe for all surfaces. Safe for porcelain, Marble, Tile & Glass. Also non-stick pans, cook tops, cookware and a multitude of other uses. Made in Europe. Environmentally friendly. Dishwasher safe.



FLOOR | 9 is differentiated by worldly, free spirited, crafted and artisan designs that use high-quality materials and offer a broad range of design Their products encourage discovery and enable collection curation with smart twists on familiar forms, as well as new-to-the-market formats with sustainable appeal. The FLOOR | 9 approach is driven by creativity and a deep consumer understanding.

Golden Rabbit Enamelware was founded in 1989 by Peggy Hedgpeth.  They pioneer innovative manufacturing processes and utilize strict third-party testing to ensure products are always absolutely food-safe and extremely durable. Golden Rabbit's products are handcrafted with porcelain enamels and are fused onto carbon steel at very high temperatures in a kiln and finished with a stainless steel trim. Golden Rabbit enamelware holds up to oven, stove-top and even broiler heat, as well as freezer storage.  It can be cut on and is dishwasher safe. Golden Rabbit makes everyday entertaining effortless with porcelain enamelware that cooks delicious meals, sets beautiful tables and lasts for years.

For decades Grainwaretm has combined elegant flowing shapes with their uniquely modern technology to create pieces that capture both a timeless beauty and the exciting edge of contemporary design. The patterns by Grainwaretm range from classical to modern-day and are the perfect compliment for any setting.

Add a touch of whimsy to the table with a GurglePotTM.  Designed with simple, graceful lines and crafted of durable stoneware, this pitcher produces a delightful “gurgle” as it serves your favorite beverage.  Now in two sizes ~ Regular holds 42oz and the new Mini holds 12oz.  Poor, listen, enjoy.

Play Gurgle

Please click here for the Gurgle palette

Dedicated to the art of craft, with a bold collaboration of beauty and culinary versatility, is where you find Mariposa.  Continually setting new standards for handmade aluminum, their diverse collections of serveware and accessories marry highly polished expanses and the detail to reflect a unique vision.  Please click here to view the Mariposa lines we currently carry.

Match Pewter is handmade by artisans in the north of Italy. Since 3000 bc, pewter has been used to make functional and decorative objects for the home.  Today, Match continues this ancient tradition.  Each piece is a testament to the timeless values of craft and authorship.

Shayne McCarter quietly produces clay coasters in the woods of North Mississippi. His art career has left a trail of paintings and sculptures for over thirty years. In 1995 he started my own design and gift company. Today Shayne specialize in custom dimensional absorbent drink coasters. Each coaster is created from absorbent, dishwasher safe clay, to soak up water and condensation from your drinks and are produced individually pressed and etched in limited quantities at his Mississippi studio. 

Merritt sets the bar for casual tableware products made of melamine, acrylic, and shatterproof Tritan. So elegant for outdoors, you'll want to use their products indoors and every day. Stylish designs with unique textures and finishes are the hallmark of their product development. Merritt USA surprises their customers with new collections ahead of the trends every year. You must feel it to believe it! Our melamine looks and feels like ceramic, wood, or stone.  Their classy, acrylic drinkware resembles fine crystal or glass.

We all give a little of ourselves in every gift we give...whether it  is celebrating a birthday or welcoming a new life.  Mud Pie™ brings you innovative products that are affordably priced, and adorably packaged.  From silver spoons, elegant tea sets, and precious piggy banks, to keepsakes for the expectant Mom, and their new line of Mud™ Puppies and Purr-fect Feline gifts  to pamper your pet! 

One Platter. Every Occasion. 

traditional. distinctive. creative. fun. unique. inspiring.

One Hundred 80 Degrees is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of giftware offering both traditional and contemporary products. In addition to their holiday offerings, One Hundred 80º has a wide range of innovative everyday products that include: What is it? their popular melamine paper plate series. One Hundred 80º gives you a new direction in giftware.

Paisley & Parsley puts a lot of love into what they do ~ each and every tile is hand-selected with care for quality and attention to detail.  Since their tiles are natural stone products, each tile will have natural features and variations in color for a unique and rustic presentation.  The stone is quarried in Turkey and are heat, water and weather resistant, so they can be used indoors or out.

Unique designs in charming serveware, brings new energy to every occasion.

Pavilion Gift Company offers heart-felt gifts that inspire. Our mission is to create desirable, high quality, yet reasonably priced gifts with unique designs created for all lifestyles.

It is 1999. There is a wedding reception. There are place cards. There are guests...stealing each others place cards. Why?  These are no ordinary paper place cards...these are erasable ceramic place cards and the guests loved them!Ask Oprah!  She told her O-Magazine readers that PlaceTiles Designs are charming and great!  Placetile Designs is equally honored to have been chosen as one of the best products at gift shows for 2005 and 2006 by Home & Garden Television.  Pajama Mommy just gave their Babysitter MemoTile its seal of approval and Sandra Lee, on her show “Semi-Homemade” on the Food Network, thinks their PlaceTiles are “a very smart idea and must-have!”

The Porcelain Garden was created in 1982 when Marty Kubicki & Liesa Smith merged their creative talents. Today along with a talented staff, The Porcelain Garden has grown to a business that is known for producing the finest, intricately detailed Lithophanes in the United States. Their commitment to supplying the highest quality product possible has resulted in an enormously loyal following and notable respect in the American Handcraft Industry.  With a broad range of appealing styles, you are sure to find something for you and everyone in need of beautiful lighting.

A napkin is a ‛little tablecloth’ [from the old French word ‛nape’ and ‛kin’, meaning little].  Before forks were invented and used in 15th Century Italy, gentlemen and ladies ate with their fingers and frequently had to wipe them...they could not, with dignity, lick them, as did the common folk.  Thus, the napkin was invented.  We feature Print Appeal’s signature gold initial-cap napkins in beverage and luncheon sizes.  Also available in silver.

Prodyne© was founded in 1971 when they invented the original Gourmet Cheese Slicer, the purpose for which Prodyne was founded.  Prodyne© now offers a wide assortment of kitchenware, barware, and serveware in stainless steel, acrylic, wood and other materials. Today, Prodyne© consists of items with the purpose to design, develop, and manufacture unique consumer products with high style and high performance.

Susan has always had a big interest in food and cooking.  At a young age, Susan was the designated daughter that would fry the bacon and toast the English muffins for family Sunday brunches, make the shortbread pudding cake for birthdays and try new food “combinations” to spring on her parents and sisters.  Eventually the ”foodie” bug hit hard enough that Susan focused her professional energies on her love of catering and entertaining. After relocating to a beautiful farm, Voila! Putting on the Ritts was born. Please join Susan on her journey to create and share fantastic entertaining ideas, cooking classes, gardening tips and party recipes to make your next event unique and memorable. And the adventure begins...

Rooted USA is the newest division of North Star Creations, LLC. Specializing in Made in the USA products, Rooted USA is focusing their talent and product knowledge on developing exciting and accessible methods for creative types of all levels to produce their textile designs.

RSVP International offers the kitchen accessories and cooking utensils cooks want to use every day. From the timeless classics to the innovative and fun, they really do have it all, for chefs at any level.

The Endurance® brand evolved from our friendship with our customers and their love of our superior quality stainless steel to  represent the superior quality and longevity of RSVP's stainless steel kitchen product line that has become the standard in the industry.


Common in Sweden, these cloths are new to the U.S. and are quickly becoming a “must-have.”. This light-weight cloth absorbs 15 times its own weight! Their product is quality―lasting quality. Made of 70% cotton and 30% cellulose, our cloths are soft to the touch, yet strong, durable and long lasting. Swedish Treasures' Wet-it! and Dry-it! cloths easily last for six months. Their cloths are environmentally-responsive because their all natural fibers and water-based colors make them 100% biodegradable and decomposable.  The uses are limitless. They are great for general household cleaning from kitchen cleanup to bathroom scrubbing. Wet-it cloths clean windows without leaving streaks or lint and polish silver without being abrasive. They are even gentle enough on the baby. Create your own favorite use!

As a leading wholesale distributor, Karl Rasmussen, proprietor of Talla Imports, begins where his ancestors left off, in small European villages, sometimes finding the treasures right next door.  Talla’s educated buyers have a talent for seeking out well designed products to enhance the daily tasks of life and elevate the aesthetic consciousness.

Tervis Tumbler, the drinkware with the unique ability to keep cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer. Ultra-durable Tervis drinkware is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe, and available in four great sizes: 12 and 16-ounce and 24-ounce Big-Ts.  Every Tervis product is manufactured using premium-grade, virgin polycarbonate that gives the tumblers the clarity of glass. Tervis Tumblers, with their signature rings, are made right here in the USA.

With our busy lives, it’s more important than ever to find small, simple things, daily rituals, we can easily weave into the fabric of our days and nights.  By rejuvenating your body and spirit, you’ll feel more rested, optimistic, empowered, and energized. And, you’ll have more to give—to yourself and to the many important people in your life.  Relax and be well, life is good. Please click here to view more essences of the Thymes.

Vagabond House presents noble materials, inspired lines and captivating styles. Vagabond House is a family owned American company specializing in fine tableware, serving ware and gift ware. Artistically designed and finely crafted from the highest quality pewter and other rare, beautiful and durable natural materials. Their products are exclusively designed to be unique, functional heirlooms for those who seek to express tradition and style in both family and formal entertaining.

The timeless beauty, of that which is Italy; with a hearty passion for color texture, shape, and style.  All Vietri® tableware offerings and serving pieces are made of exclusive Italian pottery.  Most pieces are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. 

Starting from simple beginnings, Wild Eye Designs has flourished since its inception in 2002 into a leading edge company in the Gift and Tableware industry.Wild Eye Designs is devoted to adding fun and color to everyone’s home. Our inspired team of designers work passionately to create innovative products for you to give and use in your home.

William Bounds has been making the world’s finest pepper and spice mills since 1964.  William Bounds’ products are truly in a class all their own.  Please click here to view more fine mills from William Bounds, Ltd.

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