Belleek Pottery is located in the quaint village of Belleek in Co. Fermanagh on the banks of the River Erne. This Neo-Georgian building is home to Ireland's oldest working fine china pottery. Established in 1857, Belleek Pottery holds a very special place in Ireland's cultural and commercial heritage. Original and unique pieces are designed and handcrafted using skill and craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation for over the last 160 years.

The creative joy from The Hen House is the inspiration of Joyce Ditz.  Joyce designed hand puppets for an educational children's program while serving as a board member of the local chapter of the Lung Association in 1979. In 1980, she founded The Hen House. Today, it still embraces her philosophy of caring and nurturing.  DITZ designs and Hen House creations are enjoyed around the world because of their imaginative, charming and heartwarming character, and quality. The great attention to detail adds to their realism as well as their ability to draw people into an enchanting world. Touches of humor permeate with such items as bears serving as footrests, butlers, and fisherman. Father Christmas Pieces make great gifts, and become treasured family heirlooms.

Faceplant Dreams, gloriously soft 100% cotton pillowcases deliver peaceful and inspiring messages each time you turn down the blankets. With a variety of messages for any occasion, their elegantly imprinted messages are in neutral tones to compliment any decor. The pillowcases are wrapped in a lovely fabric envelope sealed with a wooden button making them the perfect anniversary, birthday or wedding gift as well as a personal and unique gift for any occasion.  With a conscious respect, Faceplant delivers the perfect words to quiet the mind and nurture sweet dreams.

Dynasty Gallery is an American company, based in San Francisco, California, since 1951. We design decorative glass to capture the shapes, colors and lights of nature’s marvels. Each of the collectible treasures they offer is handmade, one by one, in the ancient traditions of glass-making. Quantities are limited, as is the number of master craftspeople still devoted to this art form.

Glass Eye Studio® was founded in 1978 with the mission to provide young glass artists the opportunity to make a living while they develop their artistic voice.  Today Glass Eye Studio has re-focused on the founding mission by adding multiple aspiring artists to the staff who work in conjunction with the core team of talented glass blowers who made the company strong. Glass Eye Studio is passionate about glassblowing and teaching others the techniques and nuances of being a glass artist—the future of their studio is exciting!

Since 1979, Intrada Italy has been a pioneer in bringing the best of Italian Pottery Italian Ceramics & Italian Dinnerware to the rest of the world.   Every handmade Italian ceramic creation Intrada offers reflects a fresh, colorful and sunny outlook that brightens any lifestyle. 

In 2008, before green was the new black, In2green decided they not only wanted to live greener but they actually wanted to contribute to a different way of life. Almost a decade later, In2green is a small team of women, sharing a vision of work and family. We collaborate with local designers and knitters, and use recycled and organic cotton yarns to classic yet modern, sustainable design all made in the U.S.A.

Glass has always been Kathy Gustafson's passion. From the time she was a small girl growing up in Iowa, viewing the world through the stained glass windows in her grandfather’s home, Kathy felt drawn to the art form.  Her designs today have resulted in a broad and unique line of items including picture frames, floor lamps, table lamps, keepsake boxes, clocks, ornaments, kaleidoscopes, trays and vases. The classic designs incorporated in her picture frames are enhanced with photographs from a bygone era right from the family albums. They include photos of her mother and her family.

Kalalou, formerly Country Originals, offers beautiful, unique home, and garden accessories hand-crafted from Colombia, Honduras, Haiti, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

One piece of hot glass.

Luke Adams' earliest memories are of drawing and sketching the things around him and remember the vivid colors from his early childhood. Creative interests and activities have always been a big part of Luke's life that it wasn’t until he was much older that he saw them as part of life and not just everything he was interested in. Adams attended Mass College of Art and Design and apprenticed for many successful artists during his education.  He started his business as soon as he graduated.  It was important to immediately pursue his craft as a profession.  He soon built up a consistent base of stores and galleries that sold his work.  Luke opened his current studio in Norwood MA in 2006 and also offers glass blowing classes and fascinating demonstrations open to the public.

Pavilion Gift Company offers heart-felt gifts that inspire. Our mission is to create desirable, high quality, yet reasonably priced gifts with unique designs created for all lifestyles.

Puzzles That Rock began one snowy day during a Michigan winter in 2009. It felt as though things were snowballing towards disaster.  That winter, The Claftlen family started putting together puzzles as an outlet.  Working on a puzzle was a way for them to put everything else aside and work together towards completing something and being able to see the beauty of completion after so much ‘hard’ work.  Puzzles have a way of working out, you see so many pieces out of order and somehow, they all end up fitting back together…..that’s why Puzzles really do ROCK!

One-of-a-kind pieces, enchanted with the subtleties of nature, it’s nuances ~ it’s changes ~ sensitive in particular to the uniqueness of each flower, every stamen, every pistil, each and every leaf. Please click here to view  more RiCreations.

These creations began their journey over a hundred years ago as juniper fence posts, planted in the ranches and fields across the early American West.  Tim Bergren, personally selects the reclaimed fence posts from ranchers up and down the Rocky Mountains. He handcrafts unique works of art that are a beautiful addition to any home, den, office or cabin.  Each piece iss the only one exactly like it—you not only hold in your hands a recaptured piece of history, but also an original work of art.  Quality. Creativity. Beauty.

Rooted USA is the newest division of North Star Creations, LLC. Specializing in Made in the USA products, Rooted USA is focusing their talent and product knowledge on developing exciting and accessible methods for creative types of all levels to produce their textile designs.

Inspired by nature, Rosy Rings’ Botanical Candles are filled with beeswax, paraffin, concentrated oils, and real spices, flowers, and fruit. Each hand-poured candle is fragrant with a long burn time.

Fine quality home decor lighting

for every day and every holiday.

For the last 40 years, Traditions Linens has produced a wonderfully classic collection of linens and they are proud to present their freshest looks yet.  Their collections offer a modern conceptual approach to building your Traditions Linens wardrobe. At Traditions Linens they know that fabrics you choose to live with bring style and joy to your life and they work each day to bring you the best in design and quality.

Capture nature's beauty in these amazing oil candles for years and years to come. You will never need to replace the wick! These specially designed candles are made with smokeless, odorless liquid paraffin with fiberglass wicks. Most elements set in the paraffin are manmade to retain their integrity without fading. Fall harvest, spring flowers, summer berries, and more! White River Designs creates nature inspired works of art, perfect for your home.


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