col-lect-i-ble:  An object that is collected by fanciers; especially one other than such traditionally collectible items such as art, stamps, coins, and antiques.

Below is a sampling of the Collectible items we carry.  Please call or email us if youíre looking for a specific manufacturer and/or item not shown here, and we will be happy to assist you. Customization is available on some items.  Most items are available through our special order program.

Since 1796, this rich tradition has been kept alive by the family of Wilhelm Schweizer. Each piece is truly a handmade item, as every one is cast individually from molds carefully engraved in slabs of slate. The accuracy and intricacy of the finished pieces are testimony of the pewter casterís art and skill.  Selection ranges from Christmas ornaments to Easter decorations, from standing Folklore, Santa, and Angel Figures to pictures for walls and windows, all designed with the same loving care and respect for heritage and tradition.  This exclusive pewter collection is increased annually with carefully selected additional pieces. All pieces are offered painted and unpainted.  Please click here to view more rich pewter traditions from Alexander International, LLC.

Joy To The World creates the most unique collection of ornaments available today. They now offer seven very distinct collections, each with its own appeal, possessing one important detail...each is designed with the utmost attention to quality and detail.  Their Pet Set Collection now offers more than 200 breeds of dogs and cats. Joy to the World, some of the most unique ornaments ever made, each Designed to Make A Difference.

One-of-a-kind pieces, enchanted with the subtleties of nature, itís nuances ~ itís changes ~ sensitive in particular to the uniqueness of each flower, every stamen, every pistil, each and every leaf. Please click here to view  more RiCreations.

Two of the most evocative themes of Christmas are children and snow. And, since you can never have too much of a good thing during the holiday season, the combination of these two images is simply irresistible. Elaine Roesle started her career in 1972 creating antique porcelain doll reproductions. Her Snow Children came to life in 1990, from which evolved charming limited edition figurines.   Each piece is designed and created by hand, one piece at a time, by Elaine and her daughter at her in-home studio in Clayton, Ohio. Each treasure is cast in earthenware, fired, hand-painted, and then dressed and adorned with the finest sparkles to looking like freshly fallen snow.  Authenticity of  Elaineís signature appears on these collectible pieces.  Elaine Roesleís Snow Children are just what Santa might conjure up in his North Pole workshop!

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